Early postcards have fascinated me since I was very young. Each image you see here is the scan of a card from my personal collection. I began collecting these cards during the same years I became obsessed with Theatre of the Absurd and Monty Python, so that at least partly explains my enthusiasm for such bizarre and kitschy images.

“This isn’t a bad postcard, this is a GREAT postcard!” chimes a visitor occasionally, and I always agree. They’re great because they reflect a unique period in America’s past, conveying the quirky spirit of those mid-century years in ways that are always distinct and often surprising. And since I spent my boyhood years in that era, the 1960s (and a few of the 50s), I feel like I can also take license to poke some fun wherever I can.

Bad is a good thing here, and with each new post I have come to think of this site not only as a blog or a daily ritual I very much enjoy, but as a kind of virtual museum as well. These images should not be stored away in closets or attics, they should be out where people can see them! And it makes it even more fun to find them when I know I’ll eventually have the opportunity to share them with you. So I hope you’ll find these cards as entertaining and edifying as I do; I hope they make you smile.

And of course I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me via email at bad.postcards@gmail.com with any questions or comments. Also you can follow BAD POSTCARDS on Facebook and Twitter.

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